Hey, did you know #pants is fully open-source and distributed?

Hey, did you know #pants is fully open-source and distributed? People are already running their own servers, and since user names are simply domain/host names, everyone integrates into the same network and gets the same features, no matter if they’re running #pants off their own, a friend’s, or my server.

When you add someone as a friend, posts you write will be pushed to them automatically; if they add you back, you will see their posts immediately, too. But what if they don’t? Well, in this unfortunate case, your #pants server will now periodically poll your friend’s server for new and updated posts.

#pants won’t poll individual users more often than every 15 minutes for now, so new posts may not appear in your timeline right away. If your friend is on the same server as you, you will keep receiving their new posts immediately after they’re posted, of course.


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