It’s hot in Hamburg while I’m slaving away at some fresh #pants updates!

  • Releases: First and foremost, #pants now has actual releases with actual release versions. Isn’t that amazing? You can track everything over at the Github releases page. I have decided against semantic versioning in order to keep things simple; #pants releases should be small, incremental, light-weight and painless, so they will simply be numbered sequentially (you’re looking at r101, yay!)
  • Design tweaks: The focus in this release was on design tweaks. I’ve simplified (both visually and technically) all the stuff around the actual posts quite a bit; information about the post is now above it, and available interactions below.
  • Quoted Posts: Even more importantly, I’ve tweaked how the original post is automatically rendered in replies. Instead of always rendering a big, scrollable box containing the full original post, I’m now rendering it as a simple blockquote – unless the reply contains a blockquote itself. This gives you complete control over just how much effort you want to put into quoting the text you’re replying to without increasing the complexity of the post form (which is still a single field. Which is awesome.)

API Changes

  • Alongside referenced_guid, posts are now also saving (and serving in their JSON) the original referenced_url. This is mostly in order to preserve the original URL’s scheme (ie. http vs. https.)



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