Just tagged r102, which contains the following changes:

  • Improved Replying: when you’re replying to another #pants post that’s already available in your server’s database1, your reply will be pre-filled with a quoted version of that post’s body.
  • More indieweb markup: your site’s header now contains h-card markup, and the users you’re following are markup up with rel-following.
  • The usual amount of fixes, refactoring and cleanup; in this release, mostly in the code that deals with incoming webmentions.

If you’re hosting your own instance, please also note the following changes:

  • config/pants.rb is gone; I’m trying to make everything configurable through environment variables. This mostly means that you now have to set PANTS_TAGLINE and/or PANTS_FALLBACK_URL if you’ve been using the two options previously available in this file.
  • You can now configure your #pants instance to email you error notifications. Simply configure EXCEPTION_NOTIFICATION_SENDER and EXCEPTION_NOTIFICATION_RECIPIENTS. Please note that you’ll probably also want to configure ActionMailer for this to work.

I’ll try to set up a page in the development wiki with all available configuration options soon.


  1. remember, you can “reply” to anything that has a URL, even if it’s not a #pants site! Your #pants will try to fetch the referenced document and import it into the database, quite possibly with varying levels of success depending on the kind of data available.


August 02, 2014 16:07 (via webmention)
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