How to get your #pants on:

How to get your #pants on:

As of now, there are two ways you can join the #pants network, and both are relatively brutal. It’s too early to make things smooth and easy!

  • Option A: hosting on my server! Configure your favourite domain (or subdomain) with a CNAME record pointing at pants.by.mans.de and drop me an email (don’t forget to mention your domain name). I can’t promise that I’ll host you, but if I know you personally, I probably will.

    If your domain registrar doesn’t let you configure a CNAME (or ALIAS), you can also simply point the domain at (using a plain old A record). Please note that this address will very likely change some time in the future. so if you can, please use a CNAME.

  • Option B: hosting on your server! Grab the crazily undocumented source-code off Github and set it up on your own server. Please don’t email me for support; I’ll happily support open-source installs at some point in the future, but it’s just too early. Only go with this option if you know what you’re doing and you’re happy to muck around with Rails apps that may end up destroying your server (or life).



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