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rbfu 0.3.0

I've just tagged version 0.3.0 of rbfu, my light-weight alternative to RVM and rbenv (ie., it's a tool that helps you switch between different versions of Ruby). If you're on Homebrew, I'm now providing a formula for easy installation:

brew install http://git.io/rbfu

If you're not on Homebrew, manual installation is still pretty simple.

This version adds support for .ruby-version files (also supported by RVM, with rbenv support pending at time of writing) and improved bash and zsh compatibility.

A quote from the recently updated README:


Most Ruby developers like to keep different self-compiled versions of Ruby on their systems so they can switch back and forth between them depending on the project they're working on. Most of them use RVM to do this; others prefer rbenv. Both are great tools, but do a little bit too much for my taste.

See, the thing is: switching Ruby versions is actually a trivial operation, since it merely involves modifying a couple of environment variables (PATH, GEM_HOME and GEM_PATH). Both RVM and rbenv go through a lot of hassle in order to eventually perform this very simple operation.

rbfu is trying to keep things simple; it's a small shell script that doesn't do much else beyond changing the variables mentioned above.

I believe that software should be small and focused. rbfu doesn't come with support for gemsets (a feature I personally disagree with), nor will it compile Ruby for you (it's easy enough with ruby-build).

It just does one thing, and I think it does it really well.

If this appeals to you, please give rbfu a spin.

rbfu is pretty much complete, and I'm aiming to get a 1.0.0 out of the door some time this week or the next.